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An hour dance class focusing on teaching the fundamentals of majorette dancing. Dancers will learn the basics of marching, increasing rhythm and coordination, and stage presence. This class serves as an introductory course to dance. Dancers will also learn about syncopation, placement, formations, counting music, and how to have stage presence. Dancers will increase their self-control and discipline, all while enjoying the art of majorette dance. This class will be offered on two level, Majorette Level 1, and Majorette Level 2 & 3.

An hour dance class that will focus on teaching the fundamentals and technique of hip hop along with the popular urban dance moves associated with hip hop music of today. This high energy class teaches rhythm, coordination, and balance through age-appropriate movements set to fun upbeat music. Hip Hop instills rhythm and helps dancers develop muscle memory. This class will be offered on three levels, Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

An hour dance class that will focus on fusing the fundamentals of the technique of jazz dance with the popular music trends of pop and R&B. Our jazz classes teach basic jazz dance technique, terminology and style with an emphasis on proper technique, alignment and movement quality. Jazz classes are a great workout and fun for all ages. This class will be offered on three levels, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.

A thirty-minute introductory dance class for toddlers containing ballet and creative movement. Students are introduced to basic ballet vocabulary while exploring movement and music in a fun and creative way. Our instructors use imagination games, upbeat age-appropriate music and props such as scarves, hula hoops, tambourines and maracas to inspire and excite students about dance. Students will also work on classroom skills such as following directions, increasing social skills, turn taking, listening and working with others. This class is a positive and fun first dance experience for all!

Ranging from an hour to 2 hours, this class is for adults who are interested in joining us for a fun night of therapeutic connection. This session engages the dancer in a private group dance session of your choosing or a group dance session open to the public to attend in the dance style of Pop & Jazz. These sessions are used as a way to create community and develop body placement, control, and improve coordination. Please email to book your private session.

We offer school-based dance classes at Julius R. Scruggs Child Development Center & Academy. Our Baby Stars Move Class, a 45-minute dance class, is offered as an introduction to dance for scholars ages 3 to 6. We also offer our Level 1 Dance instruction, an hour class, to scholars ages 7 and up. Instruction is provided during after school care hours. If you are a school interested in offering your students after school dance instruction, please email for more information.

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Available Tuition

With an interest in creating positive changes in our community at Rocket City Dance Company all of our Majorette classes are offered for free. Our social mission of providing meaningful dance instruction is further developed through our community involvement and equal opportunity of performances and exposure for our dancers. When enrolling in this class each dancer has the opportunity to perform at the collegiate level by performing at Alabama A&M University parades and community events.

Fee Schedule

*Prices shown reflect dance tuition for one month.

1 class - $50
2 classes - $60
3 classes - $70
4 classes - $80

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